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Enter a web URL that will be loaded and displayed on the robot's iPad screen. A person on the robot side will be able to interact with the web page, but you will not be able to see what is happening.

Multi-Viewer Video

Up to 5 people can see the video from your Double and your face. Everyone can participate via audio, like a conference call.


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You're about to join a call in progress. You can see video from the robot's camera and everyone can participate via audio, like a conference call.

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The video signal froze.
Downward Facing Camera Not Available The robot iPad must be inserted upside down in order to enable the downward facing camera functionality.
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iOS 10 Bluetooth Update

Apple has confirmed that a fix is coming for the recent Bluetooth issue in iOS 10 (it will be in 10.2). However, you can get iOS 10.2 right now through Apple's Beta Software Program.